Why people in Germany like to be Tenants!

Almost every day we hear news about people complaining of higher rents and increasing property prices, especially in bigger cities of Germany. Why is there so much fuss about higher rents? Tenant culture started after the World War 2, when government had to provide social housing since there were buildings destroyed, poverty and hunger and … More Why people in Germany like to be Tenants!

Father Tongue!

Yesterday I saw my kids after my working hours in the play ground. After playing in sand and on swings, we came home and had a bath. Julian (my son) spoke few sentences to me in German to which I responded happily. My mistake! Julian: “Papa, you can speak German” (I speak only Hindi to … More Father Tongue!

Lost in smart phones!

Phones are becoming from invention to luxury to convenience to a distraction. It is impossible to have a normal conversation (leave alone intense or serious communication) without having a person looking at or typing on the mobile phone. People are always sticking to their smart phones (reading, typing or talking) and therefore: Walking slower (on … More Lost in smart phones!