I am able to observe change in the attitude quite often. I believe the reason is to be able to concentrate on things that matter me the most.  Here are certain situation where in my earlier days, I would easily get quite angry, irritated and impulsive, now I am really quite calm 🙂

  • I am brushing my daughter’s teeth (after getting ready to go out of home) and she cleans her mouth with my shirt. She was being naughty, I laughed and so did she!
  • I walked a long distance with my son and it started raining. We sang, made fun that we do not need an extra shower after reaching home, opened out mouths to pretend satisfying our thirst. With my earlier attitude, I would have checked the weather many times and not gone out, would not venture walking so long, taken a tram or taxi back.
  • A tenant was given all costs inclusive rental contract and he leaves with a heating and water bill double the amount which I usually get. Weeks have passed and I would simply now present him the extra bill, earlier I would be angry one day and would have called him immediately to sort out things.
  • I come home tired at 9 pm and kids brought all clothes from my wardrobe on the floor and are dancing on them. I join the party 🙂

We are often too busy to surrender ourselves to our kids, to time and to our flow of life. I broadly mean to chill, to take it easy, letting it go, taking time to process the information and to contemplate.

I may not be an ideal person in this world but morals and beliefs are only good as long as one doesnot forces them on others. If others do not behave according to us, we get angry.

I think many times a day what a good life I have not certainly because I am a king or a multi-millionaire, but it is general gratitude and humbleness. Everything is more or less fine and if not I make an instant effort to change it.


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